Instructional Design Consultants

Company Name:
The Cara Group, Inc.
CARA is looking for self-motivated Instructional Design Consultants with 5+ years of experience in needs analysis, design, and development of eLearning, ILT, and OJT training programs. We are seeking professional and experienced Instructional Designers to assist our Fortune 500 insurance client located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

The overall objective of this instructional design project is to transfer some tasks currently performed by Underwriters to Underwriter Assistants, Rate Techs, and Processing Techs. By transferring these tasks to the next level, the client hopes to gain efficiencies and stronger role clarity and consistency within particular business units. In short, this initiative will focus on creating additional capacity for market facing Underwriters and Underwriting Assistants as well as and higher quality and efficiency.

Candidates will have strong consulting and instructional design skills that enable them to help business areas translate their learning needs into learning products. They will be the face of L&D to business partners as well as their advocate eliminating the need for that business partner to confer with L&D's back room operations.
Candidates may contact Jeff Warner at

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