Client Operations Associate

Company Name:
SPINS is a diverse group of positive professionals with an unwavering commitment to help propel the natural and organic industry forward. Our company culture promotes individualism and encourages creative expression while innovating new industry applications, in a collaborative and highly rewarding environment.
We pride ourselves on building meaningful relationships with each member of our team and stimulate creativity by exposing our talent to various aspects and opportunities across the company. As we continue to grow our unique collective of innovators, industry experts, software engineers and business consultants, together, we can increase America's access to healthier product alternatives, by continuing to empower our manufacturer and retail partners.
We look forward to learning more about you and how your talents can help shape the future of SPINS.
Client Operations Associate
Position Summary
Our Analytics and Insights Practice is an important component of our business and represents the ability to acquire, consolidate and transform data into relevant information. By leveraging this information SPINS assists client in the development of both strategic and operational business initiatives.

The Sales Practice is accountable for designing, building, leading, managing, growing and evolving all aspects of SPINS commercial activities. These include planning, reporting, goal setting and management, sales process optimization, sales training, sales program implementation, sales compensation design and administration, selecting and developing sales force talent.
The Client Operations Associate utilizes analytical and technical aptitude, coupled with flexible, interpersonal skills to ensure accurate implementation of business requirements in support of the Sales and Analytics teams.
The position reports to the Director, Analytics Reporting and the role will be based local to the SPINS Corporate Headquarters, in the greater Chicago area.

Key Responsibilities
Maintain client report deliveries
Coordinate and communicate report delivery assignments
Track report delivery for billing purposes
Reviews all incoming sales contracts for accuracy
Solicit, gather and summarize weekly billable time sheets
Determine and communicate billable time to Finance, weekly, for revenue recognition
Assist with compilation of monthly communications to clients; inform clients of billable time changed and available contract balances
Maintain client contact list by service
Distribute communication of services changes to impacted clients
Assist team members with client initiatives
Address client questions regarding data measures, products and services, redirecting calls; involve Subject Matter Experts, when necessary
Train clients on SPINS software tools and data measures
Education and Experience Requirements
Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or related field of study; commensurate experience may also serve to meet this requirement Previous experience working with data access/reporting software tools
Proficiency with MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
Familiarity with computer applications used in general office settings (word processing, spreadsheet, database management, presentation software and internet search engines)
Excellent problem solving skills and attention to detail
Possess strong written and verbal communication skills
Demonstrated ability to think critically and communicate effectively with a wide range of users
Ability to work independently and proactively within established goals

Desired Skills and Attributes

Works with a sense of urgency
Strong focus on customer satisfaction
Ability to work collaboratively
Solid organization and time management skills

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